Here are GMP Band’s volunteers – together they give over 11,000 hours a year of their spare time to help make a difference in communities through music.


Alexander Webb


Barry Frost, Band Manager and Saxophone

Woodwind Section

Kirsty Perry – Oboe

Lisa Howarth – Clarinet and saxophone

Ian Dawkins – Alto Saxophone

Steve Barlow – Clarinet

Stuart Girvan – Flute

Max Benn – Clarinet

Imogen Rees – Clarinet

Emma Morley – Flute

Craig Hunter – Clarinet

George Pinnington – Bass Clarinet and Vocals

Derek Parnell – Bassoon

Helena Hornby – Saxophone & Vocals

Brass Section

David Collier – Tuba

Charlie Copestake – Tuba

Val Copestake – Euphonium

Mike Scoffin – Euphonium

Mike Thomas – French Horn

Sarah Kent – French Horn and backing vocals

Tim Paton – Trombone

David Kent – Trombone

Christopher Verey – Euphonium

Chris Wilkinson – Trumpet

Bernard Tupman – Trumpet

John Swales – Trumpet

Michael Turner – Trumpet

Martin Howarth – Trumpet

Phil Boardman – Conductor and Tuba/Euphonium

Jack Sindall – French Horn

Percussion and Rhythm Section

Simon Rogers – Drums

Holly Raynor – Percussion

Jon Kenna – Percussion

Carol Jason – Bass Guitar and vocals

Angela Perkins – Keyboard


Andy Fenton – Vocals

Clare Prior – Backing Vocals

Carol Rogers – Backing Vocals

Sean Perkins – Vocals